Arron Nyamayaro

THE Westridge Primary School teachers, who were shamed on Saturday night after their adulterous affair was exposed when they were caught in bed, reported for duty yesterday but left hurriedly.

Sources told H-Metro the duo left in the morning, without conducting any lessons, amid pressure from the scrutiny they were receiving from fellow teachers and pupils.

The story of their shenanigans, which was exclusively revealed by H-Metro, was the talk of the school yesterday.

Thomas Chikanga, 51, and Nomathamsanqa Nyathi, 36, were busted, while sleeping in the latter’s bedroom, by Nyathi’s husband. on Saturday night.

Yesterday, H-Metro was given a glimpse of some of the messages the two were exchanging.

“That’s true my babe, we got to guard against any negativity coz can forsee good times coming our way as husband and wife,” texted Chikanga.

“I can’t wait,” replied Nyathi.

“Hie love, it’s not good to keep on communicating with your ex-lover. What will happen if she visits Zim?

“Obvious, you’ll meet and maybe spend the whole weekend away.

“Imagine ndiri inini chatting with my ex? Do unto others what you want them to do for you. Love you always.”

Chikanga then replied:

“Noma, I hear you and will definitely stop it from now on.”

Chikanga told H-Metro:

“I am worried, unsettled about this and the calls I am receiving are too hot to handle.

“I arrived at school but, after receiving calls from friends and relatives, it is better to take a break.

“I just thought H-Metro would bear with us over the matter.”

Their story was the dominant tale at the school yesterday.

Haaaa vanyadzisa uye nyadzi dzinokunda rufu, vabva panokuseni vachimhanya,” said one of the staff members. They didn’t attend school lessons today.

“They felt the heat after other teachers and grounds people were seen holding the H-Metro newspapers. Ndizvo zvinoita chivi kana chakora muto chinonyadzisa mwene wacho.”

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