Zvikomborero Parafini 

TWO of the five homeless men, who were murdered by suspected serial killer Thandolwenkosi Ndlovu, have been identified.

However, three are yet to be identified.

Ndlovu (21) was back in court yesterday where he was placed on remand and was remanded in custody, pending indictment for trial, in the High Court. 

The court heard that on August 28, Ndlovu attacked Emmanuel Godfrey 25, who was sleeping on a pavement near the corner George Silundika and Simon Muzenda Street using a concrete block, which he used to hit him on the head. 

Godfrey died instantly.

Thereafter, Ndlovu slit his stomach and took out some of his body parts and went away.

Godfrey’s body was found by a passerby, the next morning, who filed a police report. 

Three days later, Ndlovu attacked his next victim, whose identity is yet to be known.

He was sleeping at the corner of Inez Terrace and Robert Mugabe Avenue and killed him using the same modus operandi.

This time, Ndlovu did not dismember the body. 

On September 3, Ndlovu allegedly committed his third murder at the corner of Nelson Mandela and Seventh Street where the unknown victim was also sleeping. 

He allegedly smashed his head using a boulder which killed him instantly. 

Ndlovu allegedly attempted to cut off his private parts but stopped midway and fled. 

The body was recovered the next morning.

Nallovu killed his fourth and fifth victims near Mupedzanhamo where the two victims were sleeping in a bushy area. 

One of them was identified as Kutenda Chisanduro and the other one remains unknown. 

After killing them, he dismembered their bodies and took their body parts.

Ndlovu is also facing an attempted murder charge in which he tried to kill Sabelo Dube, who is also homeless, and was sleeping along Rekayi Tangwena Road. 

Dube woke up when he felt Ndlovu next to him and when he asked him what he wanted.

The killer smiled and went away.

However, Ndlovu returned, when Dube had gone back to sleep, and hit him on the head with a boulder. 

Dube sustained a deep cut on his forehead but managed to run away. 

The police recovered blood stained clothes from Ndlovu and he has made indications on video to the police on how he committed the offences and these will be produced in court as exhibits.

Ndlovu is back in court on September 21.

Zebediah Bofu appeared for the State.

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