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. . . clash over unpaid sexual favours

Arron Nyamayaro, H-Metro Reporter

THERE was pandemonium in the Avenues area when a hooker clashed with an old man over payment for sexual favours. ­

The incident which occurred last Friday saw Bedford Mushekwi of Mazowe Mansion being embarrassed by a sex worker identified as Tanaka along Josiah Chinamano Avenue where she loiters for the purpose of prostitution.

Tanaka told H-Metro that Mushekwi had assaulted and injured her when she demanded her money for the services rendered after cohabiting at his apartment.


Mushekwi confirmed cohabiting with Tanaka while risking his life to Covid-19 as well as his property when he left her at the apartment to attend his mother’s funeral.


“This man lured me to his house when he spotted me along the Avenues area and promised to pay me better money since he receives money from his children outside the country,” said Tanaka.


“I wore some of his clothes and prepared food for him living as husband and wife expecting good payment.


“He attended his mother’s funeral leaving me at the apartment that is when I discovered from one of his mobile phones that he had several contact numbers evasikana vatinomira navo paroad.


“He posted photographs of the burial service to convince me that he was attending a funeral for his mother.


“Upon his return from the funeral I confronted him and he assaulted me and injured me on my right hand.


“I posted his photograph on our WhatsApp group revasikana and everyone posted negative comments about him.


“He never paid me anything for more than a week I stayed with him in his 508 apartment,” said Tanaka.


Mushekwi confirmed assaulting Tanaka saying she had deleted some contact numbers from his mobile phone when he left her to attend his mother’s funeral.


“I was angered by that lady for searching my wardrobe and finding one of my mobile phones where she deleted some contact numbers that is why I assaulted her,” said Mushekwi.


“She is one of the sex workers who loiter in the Avenues area and I hooked her and later decided to stay with her as she would do my laundry and prepare food for me.


“I had no money by that time and I am yet to receive money from my children who are abroad but I will not pay her because she deleted my contacts. “I left her in the house to attend my mother’s funeral. I lost my mother soon after Christmas; that is how she managed to access every corner and get hold of my mobile phone and deleted the contacts.


“I was aware that she is a hooker but I needed someone by my side,” said Mushekwi.


One of the comments posted by sex workers once hooked by Mushekwi read; Baba ava ndivo chete vakambogara mhiri kwemakungwa vakauya vasina chavainacho munhu akagara muAmerica 40yrs vane ­ at ravanogara mutwn rehama vachinyepa kuti nderavo.


Sex workers continue to risk contracting Covid-19 as most of them are not observing Covid-19 regulatory measures

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