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Yemurai Dyakonda, Entertainment Reporter

UK based musician Tytan has defended chanter Jah Signal amid reports he holds free shows.

In an interview with H-Metro Entertainment & Lifestyle, said artistes be allowed to conduct business the way they want.


“Musicians manage their business the way they think works for them.


“Yes, I have performed for free before and to be honest, I treat it as an investment when I do.


“I put the value of my booking next to the return on my investment, which is what I expect to get out of it,” he said.


Tytan said he performs for free in support of fellow artistes.


“Most of the times when I do perform for non-financial remuneration, it’s because it’s a friend or family favour that has been called in but I’m fortunate enough to also have friends and family that pay for my services.


“All this runs down to whether I feel okay to do it in that manner or not and does it make sense to do it that way at all.


“I do shows for money as it is a business and for passion as well, as being a musician is a personal interest of mine,” he said.


Tytan said it was wrong for people to stop judging musicians who hold free shows.


“At the end of the day, a business model and structure will abide with what the artists want and needs,” he added.

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