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Trust Khosa, Assitant News Editor

IT’S now over between celebrity couple Tytan Skhokho Nkomo and Olinda Chapel.

Their divorce comes hardly a month and few days after they celebrated their first anniversary as husband and wife in the United Kingdom.

H-Metro has been tracking the couple’s affair, developments and plans since everything they did was always in the public domain.

A lot has been said, written and predicted, especially when they took their affair to another level in 2017.

Tytan came into the picture shortly after rapper Desmond “Stunner” Chideme had divorced Olinda and paid the divorce token.

Initially, the Glen Norah bred chanter received a backlash when it emerged he had cheated on UK based Olinda with his current wife, Dyonne Tafirenyika.

Many sympathised with Olinda but it later emerged Olinda had other issues even though she decided to move on with Stunner’s friend, Tytan.

So it’s hard to talk about the Tytan-Olinda’s fallout and their happier times without involving Stunner.

Below is a summation of the Tytan-Olinda’s love life dating from courtship, lobola paying ceremony, baby-making and labour experience, marital bliss, new projects, cheating allegations and now to the shattering split, which is certainly going to open a can of worms:

It’s now clear Tytan who was touted as a ‘pain-killer’ to Olinda decided to try his luck when Stunner called it quits.

On February 14 2017, we carried a story headlined ‘I’m done with Olinda’ where Stunner made a bold decision and quit.

Stunner even told H-Metro that he had paid 50 cents divorce token (gupuro) on a Friday of 2017.

In the article, Stunner told said he had had enough which prompted the divorce when it dawned the relationship would never work.

The whole issues was triggered by Olinda who appeared insecure and possessive, depriving the rapper of his freedom as an artiste.

Being an attention-seeker she is despite moving on with Tytan, it did not take a month for her as she was back in the news.

This time around, she was teasing Stunner’s fiercest rival Mudiwa Hood and she took to Facebook proposing to buy a car for him.

This did not go down well with Mudiwa’s sister Wanisayi “Mahwindo” Mutandwa whose social media rants with Olinda caught the attention of the local press.

As such, we ran a story headlined ‘Mahwindo warns Olinda’ on March 13 2017.

Olinda had sent social abuzz with her Facebook post, which read: “What would happen if I dated Mudiwa and bought him a new car”.

In ire, Mahwindo responded:

“Olinda I hope this is a joke. If it is true please, please I repeat leave my brother Mudiwa alone.

“Mudiwa is not desperate, try another celeb because kwedu tinazvo hativhunduke mari.”

Whatever had triggered Olinda to come up with the post, remains a subject for another day.

However, it emerged she was not still over with Stunner even though Tytan had taken over as the new lover.

Critics say these were some of the early signs that Olinda needed to forget her past if she were to move on.

With Stunner still having a say in the whole affair, Olinda was back in the news in February 2018 when they were spotted together in the UK.

Again, H-Metro carried the story headlined ‘Stunner, Olinda spotted in UK’ where the former celebrity couple were spotted together in London at the O2 Arena where the rapper and other local artistes performed.

Olinda who then appeared to have matured from being the attention-seeker we were used to, she took to social media ranting at people who had posted the picture.

“Whoever took this picture you will get an answer for whatever you were trying to prove?

“Saka vanhu vakambogara vese, vakasangana haticha vhunzani hupenyu here? Kana kuti vana vakadii?

“Ko mombe dza Kajau dzichiri kurwadziwa nemaziso here? Please ndikwanirei hondo yamuri kutsvaka hamuiwane pano.

“Ndatenda hangu,” she posted.

Then, many of Olinda’s followers thought she had matured only for her to pull more stunts later, making the whole affair complex.

After the London encounter with Stunner, it did not take a month for Olinda to taunt her former ex again.

This time around, Olinda went on to mock Stunner’s manhood on social media unprovoked in an article we carried with the headline ‘Olinda Mocks Stunner’ on March 13 2018.

In the post, Olinda ran a post accompanied with a picture of her Stunner in their good old days.

She went on to offer 1000 pounds to Stunner if his manhood can be eight inches long, which equates to 20.3 cm.

“I will give #Stunner 1000 pounds if his Manhood is more than 8 inches long,” reads the tweet.

The challenge came after jailed political activist Paddington Japa Japa had bragged that his manhood was 20 inches when he tussled with dancers at a local night club during a dancing fete.

Many people were left convinced that Olinda still had unfinished business with Stunner despite him moving on with Tytan.

On the other hand, Tytan remained tight-lipped and only the two – Olinda and Tytan – know what was going on better.

With the pressure seemingly mounting on Tytan’s as many questioned his ability to look after Olinda, he came out of his shell towards the end of March 2018.

Tytan was forced to make a public statement after it emerged he had paid Olinda’s lobola running in thousands of British pounds.

He defended himself in the story headlined ‘Olinda is Mine’ that we ran on June 26 2018.

Tytan told this publication that he had sweated to marry her and denied being used by m Olinda.

He also told H-Metro that he would not lose sleep over haters.

“Those who know me will always tell you than I am a hard worker doing a lot of things in life.

“By the way, I am a creative designer and brand manager doing consultancy work both at home and the UK.

“I have been holding a number of gigs in the UK realising at least 1000 pounds per week and I was saving money for the ceremony because I knew the day (to pay lobola) was coming.

“I don’t care what people will say because munhu ndewangu, ende hazvichinji,” he was quoted as saying.

Tytan went on to say that his family was supportive to him.

However, he couldn’t reveal the figure he paid as lobola.

Four months later, it dawned to many that Tytan and Olinda’s affair was not a publicity stunt when it emerged that they were about to wed.

We ran, the story ‘Olinda, Tytan wedding granted’ on June 28-2018 where the lovebirds were granted the greenlight to wed by the marriage department at the Harare Magistrates’ Court.

After wedding, some people where could not believe it and one of them was outspoken blogger Tatenda “Skimbo” Matika.

He ranted at Tytan saying he had betrayed him in the article headlined “Olinda Used Juju on Tytan” on July 1 2018.

Blogger Skimbo Tatenda “Skimbo”Matika was bitter after being snubbed at Olinda and Tytan wedding.

“Tytan and I used to be very close…I never thought he would not invite me on his special day considering everything that we have been through.

“I am hurt and I feel betrayed by someone whom I thought was a friend.

“I now believe Olinda used juju on Tytan to forget his close friends,” he was quoted as saying.

With the two enjoying their marital bliss and of course the joy of welcoming their baby girl Nandi to the world, Tytan appeared to be the happiest father in the world.

In the story headlined ‘Tytan Records Olinda in Labour’ we ran on April 11, many thought their marriage would never shake.

Tytan raised Olinda Chapel as a superwoman after recording her on video as she gave birth to their baby girl.

The celebrity couple was blessed with a baby girl named Nandi Amari Tadiwa Nkomo.

He said he took a video of his wife as she was operated on in the theatre and the experience made him respect women on a higher level.

However, many wonder what has gone wrong with the woman he recorded giving birth and of course all the marital bliss they shared.

Barely a month after the birth of Nandi, Olinda was not yet done with Stunner.

Olinda leapt to Stunner’s defence when his birthday drama with wife Dyonne Tafirenyika made headlines.

Again, H-Metro carried the article headlined ‘Olinda comes to Stunner’s defence’ in May this year.

Olinda spoke glowingly of Stunner and many questioned why she was still affected and concerned by her ex’s marital life.

“When your ex and the person that was part of your break up has issues the honest truth is moyo unotombofara chete, its human nature it doesn’t mean you are not happy or you haven’t moved on.

“On other note I don’t know my ex as a physically abusive person, ndingamunyepere.

“Handina musi one wandakarohwa, Ipapo ndinomupupurira hangu. #notoabuse,”posted Olinda.

Prior to their shocking break-up,  Olinda  and Tytan celebrated their marriage  and anniversary on July 1.

In story we carried headlined ‘Tytan, Olinda celebrates 1st Anniversary’, the couple concurred it has be ‘365 days of a whole new experience, all eyes on them’.

Olinda also defended her former husband saying it was not easy hitting their first anniversary.

“People said we would not make it because my husband is a gold digger and I am just a looking for fame.

“They thought the whole marriage was just a public stunt, but it was not and it’s still not.

“We have seen it all, the ugly, the bad and the good but this has made us stronger and it has given us more reasons to fight for our marriage,” she wrote.

In another interview, Tytan said he had proved to the whole world otherwise besides the ups and downs:

“Marrige is a lot of hard work full of compromise and decision making but its all beautiful hard work and I’m happy I made it and I still am.”

Added to that Olinda had concluded that they were bound to face challenges as she wrote on her post on their first anniversary.

She wrote:

“Well baby I am here to wish you a happy anniversary by saying.

“If I ever get the chance to live my life again, I would choose you sooner so that I could love you for a longer time.

“I will choose you always without pause, without regret. Only wishing there were enough days in forever for me to show you how much I love you. In those days I will always be wearing the smile you gave me. I’m so lucky to have you as my husband.”

After their first anniversary, the script appears to have horribly gone wrong in their affair.

















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