Tytan’s baby shower for men

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Tytan’s baby shower for men


15 October 2018

SOCIALITE Olinda Chapel-Nkomo has taken to her instagram handle to announce a ‘men only’ baby shower.
Her hubby Tytan is behind the baby shower which has been well received by her followers.
The followers claim that fathers also had an important role to play in their children’s life and they should start participating before birth.
In response to this post Tytan told H-Metro that he was excited about the pregnancy and would do anything to show that he loves the baby and his wife.

“I’m excited and I want to make my beautiful wife know that I am there for the baby and her no matter what.
“I am enjoying every moment of this journey and there is no boring part – which makes it an awesome experience.
“There is nothing I can compare with the feeling of becoming a father,” he said.
Tytan defended the ‘men only’ baby shower saying it was a way of showing his wife that he was supportive.
“This is actually a good way of showing your wife that you are part of the whole process and you are supporting her all the way.
“If women can do it, then what can stop men from celebrating their babies on their way to the world?

“This is to the fathers that are happy to make a difference in their family’s life; doing things that can make their precious wives feel special,” he said.
Below are some of the comments from instagram:
seasonedprofessional Zvinoita… It’s actually been a growing trend. This article is from 2014 and it gives some ideas http://www.today.com/parents/man-showers-more-dudes-celebrate-dads-be-1D79574387
thulisani_ka_makhebesi It’s possible Miss O, I have seen it here in Capetown where guys get together for a baby shower. It’s the Dad to be and buddies, it’s anything from simple to luxurious!!!
cleomushYup! Diaper party every guy brings a box of diapers🤗
[email protected]_chapel he is very much correct 👏🏾
bless[email protected] if you are having a baby shower friends does everything for and you will just cheap in. I think he can afford to do it himself. He is working as well.

[email protected]_chapel I like the idea,let him get this whole fatherhood thing from his fellows too,pretty sure he’ll be a great dad but let him get ideas from other dads you….y’all make great team
queen_clothing_zwMy husband did his baby shower a weekend after mine
[email protected] 😂😂😂😂😂😂kevin am I that bad. Keep it low Tendai. Lol. tytan Will now know my plans of boycotting the shower
[email protected] Olinda it’s a good idea let him learn ..seems hez much excited and doesnt wanna be that kind of daddy who will wait for u to change nappies
sthakeepitreallol well that’s an excuse for partying, but I think its essential everyone should .. kids aren’t adorable all the time ..talk about midnight duty .
shumi_muk They usually bring pampers and just hang out. call it# pamper party
nubiantrudie Make sure you celebrate in Zim and UK the UK one will be ladies only Zim one men only fair dhiri
thekatsande_263yes..i support it ini…ngavatengewo ma boz ema pampers as presents aaaah taneta nekuita toga all the time..time for turning these baby shower rules around
heniemujoeHe is right guess the men must be taught as well fatherhood is not easy …so they need to be told some hints however …so l think it’s good idea

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