Tytan’s explicit video

20 May, 2019 - 16:05 0 Views
Tytan’s explicit video Olinda and Tytan


Esther Madambi, Entertainment Reporter

UK based musician Tytan Skhokho Nkomo has promised to release an explicit music video of his song Pamha this coming Friday.

“Get ready for sexy romantic video of Pamha on Friday.  The video has more intimacy and romance.

“The video is inspired my relationship with my wife Olinda,” he said.


The Mukoko singer said he wanted to express his feelings towards Olinda who was recently blessed with a baby girl.

“We want to tell the world how we love each other and how it’s supposed to be done, kunyatsonakirana.

“Intimacy is not supposed to be shown on social media only but when you are together alone.

“Even the married church couples should look forward for this video because it teaches how to love kwete rudo rwemu novel.

“Love is a beautiful thing and you should cherish it when you have that special someone who loves you,” added Tytan.


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