Uebert Angel ally losses millions in gold deal

H-Metro Reporter

ETHAN Moyo, a prominent businessman and close ally of Zimbabwe’s Ambassador-at-large, Prophet Uebert Angel, recently lost millions of dollars in a fake gold scam involving Zambian nationals.

Moyo engaged David Kayula, who purports to be a gold dealer and struck a deal with him.


Under the deal, Kayula had agreed to supply Moyo with gold on a frequent basis.


After giving Kayula a substantial amount of money to buy the gold, Moyo was promised by Kayula that the gold was going to be delivered within three days after the completion of the necessary export paperwork.


After a nine-day delay, Kayula then made the delivery of the consignment.


After testing the gold, Moyo discovered that it was fake and he reported the fraud to Zambian authorities and private investigators.


Moyo is in possession of the documents relating to Kayula’s identity, address and fake mineral trading permits.


He confirmed losing a substantial amount of money to a Zambian company.


“Yes, it is true. I was duped of millions of dollars by a Zambian company. I have since reported the case to the authorities and private investigators are already working on the case,” Moyo said.


Moyo has a vast business portfolio ranging from gold mining, private equity, oil, gas, real estate and consumables.

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