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18 May 2018

WHILE many churches are failing to attract crowds these days, UFI Church has continued with big crowds.

A Christ TV official yesterday said they were not attracting much of mainstream media coverage these days as they publicise their church through their television channel where they feature sermons and church leader Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa’s prophecies.

“We have many people and what we want nowadays is for people to follow our programmes on our television channel – Christ TV.

“While many churches have sprouted, our believers have found grace in our church and the attendances are amazing,” the official said.

Christ TV said there several prophecies that have received a lot of feedback from congregants and general public which shows their big following.

He said some the prophecies have come to pass which include the Mozambique opposition leader’s death Afonso Dhlakama, the cash situation in Zimbabwe and the Cyril Ramaphosa prophecy on airplane technical problem when he was still deputy president of South Africa.

There is also the much talked about sermon where Prophet Makandiwa talks of his guaranteed ticket to heaven.

The Christ TV staffer gloried prophet Makandiwa on his spot-on prophecy on Dhlakama’s death and this prophecy has gone viral on social media.

Dhlakama had been an opposition political leader, running for a presidential seat in Mozambique since 1994 and on March 6, 2016 in the City Sports Centre where UFI Church conducts its service Prophet Makandiwa prophecied that he had seen the Mozambican flag at half mast, but upside down instead of the normal upright position.

“Prophet Makandiwa went on to emphasise that the Mozambican flag was opposite, in its half-mast position.

“On May 3 this year the prophecy came to pass when Dhlakama died in the exact way as prophesied by Prophet Makandiwa.

“Half-mast of a flag usually symbolises mourning the death of a significant individual and secondly the flag was in the upside down position which prophet Makandiwa said symbolised opposition where Dhlakama belonged as he led RENAMO,” said the staffer.

Prophet Makandiwa has challenged all those who do not find him in heaven that they would be in hell.

“If you get to heaven and you don’t find me there that is not heaven.”

Prophet Makandiwa says he has achieved all that anyone needs to go to heaven.

The Christ TV staffer said their prophecies were receiving considerable views making UFI one of the biggest churches to emerge from Zimbabwe.

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