UK based diva drop singles

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UK based diva drop singles


Latwell Nyangu, H-Metro Reporter

Upcoming gospel diva Lesley Madzorera has pledged to assist the vulnerable through music.

The UK based who started singing at a tender age has since released three singles including Baba Ndiri kurasika, Mweya Wangu and Mwari Makanaka which she featured Dr Tawanda.

“I have just released three singles which are already receiving amazing response.

“Of the singles, two are based on Anglican hymns since I grew up in Anglican church.

“On the single Mwari Makanaka I engaged Dr Tawanda who has added a Rhumba flavour and I wanted to come out of my comfort zone since I am always used to singing hymns,” she said.

Added Lesley:

“I wanted something different so that the music would accommodate both younger and older generation.

“I wanted the song to be played at weddings, graduation parties and bridal showers.

“The song is a thanks to God for what he did for us.”

Medley said the reason why she ventured into music is because she was inspired by seeing cause to assist the vulnerable.

“I want my fans to give to the orphans here in Zimbabwe after being inspired by charity organisations in the UK.

“So most of the proceeds from my music will be channelled to the needy.

“This is the current project where I am intending to partner with different charity organisations and help.

“The music is readily to help out in Zimbabwe.”

The gospel diva said she is looking forward to finalise her videos before she leaves.

“Basically, I am happy to use my talent of singing where each time I will release an album the proceeds will help the needy.

“In the future I will engaged different artists on my projects.

“I am currently working on the three videos for the album which will be ready by end of September or early October.

“I have written all the songs for the album and I am excited my fans have accepted my music.

“I have been in choir since school days and in the UK I am a choir master at Anglican Church.

“My videos on YouTube are receiving overwhelming response and I want to thank my family and friends for their support.”



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