BILLIONAIRE businessman Shaji Ul Mulk, who organised the highly successful T10 cricket tournament in Zimbabwe, has been named one of the TOP FIVE Arabian Business Most Inspiring Leaders.

He is on number four.

The list includes Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum, the chairman and CEO of Emirates Airlines, who is at number five.

They are part of the 100 Arabian Business Most Inspiring Leaders named by Arabian Business.

Ul Mulk has been investing in Zimbabwe.

“Established in 1982, Mulk International Group is a 40-year-old global entity with a diversified portfolio spanning primarily four sectors: manufacturing of metal composite panels and LGS homes, real estate, sports assets, and healthcare,” noted Arabian Business.

“Boasting an impressive net worth of over US$2 billion, the group has been the recipient of the Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid’s MRM award for the best foreign manufacturer in the UAE.

“The group is currently investing in a US$500 million real estate project in Zimbabwe, ‘The Zim Cyber City.’

“This 46,000 sq m landmark project is managed through the locally registered subsidiary, Zimbabwe Global Investments (ZGI), operating under the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) programme approved by President Mnangagwa.

“This state-of-the-art mixed-use development project is currently underway in Mount Hampden, New Harare.

“Promising an affluent community and an unparalleled standard of living with duty free shopping amenities, Zim Cyber City emerges as one of Africa’s most promising and exciting real estate projects.”

Arabian Business added:

“At the forefront of global manufacturing, the group’s flagship product is the metal composite panel, known as the brand ‘ALUBOND’, which transformed the group to become the world’s largest manufacturer of aluminium composite panels, boasting an impressive installed capacity of 25 million sq m with installations spanning over 100 countries.

“The group has gained global recognition for innovating the fastest cricketing format and 90-minute cricket under the brand ‘T10 cricket league’.

“Launched in 2017, it has become a global brand with franchise cricket leagues executed in the UAE, Africa, USA, Sri Lanka, Europe, and India with a combined viewership of over 1 billion.

“Expanding into the healthcare industry in 2010, the group launched physiotherapy centres, telemedicine facilities, and diagnostic clinics across the region.

“Mulk Med Healthcare stands as the region’s pioneering tele healthcare ecosystem provider, responsible for the soft launch of Mulk Med Healthcare Virtual Hospital.

“This innovative venture merges diverse ICT verticals with cutting-edge healthcare solutions.

“Ul Mulk also steers the Mulk Foundation which offers a range of support, including free medical clinics, libraries, assistance for disabled children, and an orphan marriage programme.

“Through these initiatives, the group underscores its commitment towards giving back to the community.”

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