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Industry, Commerce and Enterprise Development minister Mike Bimha

MINISTER of Industry, Commerce and Enterprise Development, Mike Bimha has commended Unilever Zimbabwe for heeding the government to retool industry to earn foreign currency while creating jobs.

Minister Bimha was at the Unilever Zimbabwe Harare factory premises to officiate the launch of a new Royco processing plant.

“Unilever has a long and proud history in Zimbabwe, manufacturing iconic brands like Omo, Sunlight Geisha and Royco for the last 75 years.

“This latest investment, the high-speed packaging Laudernberg machine, reflects Unilever’s optimism about the country’s economy and the possibilities the future holds.

“Our industries have been striving to make ends meet due to lack of forex but by this kind of investment I’m made to believe that there will be an added passage for the high influx of forex,” he said.

Unilever Africa President, Bruno Witvoet said Unilever had long term business with Zimbabwe and it promised to continue rebuilding the economy of the nation.

“This is about far more than adding a state-of-the-art foods factory to our operations, it is about providing affordable and tasty food to millions of Zimbabweans and building a bright future for Zimbabwe.

“Ünilever continued serving our consumers and supporting jobs across the country in marketing, distributing and trading throughout recent economic hardships.

“We have a long term business and already invested US$8 million over recent years so we are ready to begin rebuilding the economy and improving the lives of the Zimbabwean people,” he said.

Royco Usavi Mix has been in Zimbabwe for over a decade and is currently found in about 1.5 million households in the country.


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