Unique Talents Search spreads wings

12 May, 2022 - 00:05 0 Views
Unique Talents Search spreads wings Ashley Moyo


Shingirirayi Mugodi

UNIQUE Talents Search Zimbabwe founder, Ashley Moyo, says they have introduced their programme across the country to entertain fans.

The talent show is to be held in every province, starting in Bulawayo.

In an interview with H-Metro, Moyo said they saw a gap, when it comes to these talent shows, and decided to occupy it.

“Unique Talents Search in Zimbabwe is coming in a unique way.

“It is not a way to raise funds but a way to seek and provide the youths with a platform where they can share and showcase their talent.

“Unique Talents is aimed at providing entertainment,” she said.

She also outlined some of their major objectives.

“The talent search aims at arresting the talent drain in Zimbabwe, ending tribalism and also building young upcoming stars in all sectors.

“We saw the need to also give orphans a chance to get to know who they are, to end drug abuse and unemployment in Zimbabwe, to give everyone a platform to showcase their talents and to fight against gender-based violence.

“The number one aim is to deliver the best local content and help orphans and homes.”

Moyo said they also found out that young people were not getting a chance to showcase what they can do.

“We realised that most talented young people are not getting a fair chance to showcase their talents and, even if they get a chance, it is usually a once-off thing.

“They do not get the chance to share the stage with the big fish so as Unique Talents in Zimbabwe, we have come up with a unique way, not only to give a platform but to also teach and educate people through art.

“We also want to help the upcoming artists to get proper and fair grooming, without discrimination, it doesn’t matter whether they are able-bodied or not, to motivate them and showcase what they have.”

She also assured participants that they will be rewarded handsomely.

“As Unique Talents in Zimbabwe, we have managed to engage different international talent search experts.

“We managed to liaise with South Africa’s Got Talent and agreed that our first three winners will get a chance to compete in South Africa’s Got Talent,” she said.

However, the crew are yet to engage judges as they say that they want to have people in showbiz who have the right experience.

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