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For all your steel and roofing sheets, look no further, Steelmate Investments is your friend. Roofing sheets are available in different sizes, thickness, types and colours. IBR Chromadek, galvanized, Q-tile as well as corrugated sheets. We also do ridges and bullnosed sheets. Standard sizes are available and we also cut to your specific sizes. 

Quality deformed bars for strong foundations are available in different sizes from y10-y32. Cutting and bending is done on site all you need to do is to bring your bending schedules and we will do the rest.

Steelmate offers countrywide deliveries so wherever you are we will make it there and make sure we deliver your products right at your door. All you have to do is to pay for tollgate and fuel. We also offer COD (cash on delivery services). Call us on any of our numbers and have your products delivered to you.

We call upon all sectors from mining, construction, manufactures, NGO’s, universities, churches and even individuals to visit us as we have a wide range of quality products just for you. Some of the products we have in stock include special steels, mild steel, stainless steel pipes, angles, columns, beams, IP sections, channels, benox plates, meshwire. Brickforce wire, Angles, Allububble, tubes on small and big diameters and many more. 

Every week we will give you certain products on SPECIAL and this week we have UNIVERSAL BEAMS, COLUMNS & IPE SECTIONS. They are available in all sizes. These and more are available at any Steelmate branch and we deliver countrywide. 

In case you are visiting us for the 1st time call any of our numbers for directions, you can also find us on google maps. To make it easy for you here are some of the directions you can use to get to our Willowvale branch. If you are coming from the side of Simon Mazorodze road, follow Willowvale road until you reach Puma garage now DA garage. There you turn right into Tilbury road. Then your second left into Affirmative way. You will not miss us. If you are coming from Gleneagles road from town, turn on your left into Tilbury. Proceed until you reach your second right.

You can also reach us on our social media pages. Facebook: steelmate Instagram: Steelmate Investments, our website: www.steelmate.co.zw .

# Emails: Willowale branch [email protected] upto [email protected] or alternatively, [email protected] and [email protected] 

Tel: 0242611802 -5 or mobile 0788930556-61

#Steelmate Mbare branches

Email:[email protected] 

Mobile : 0788930550 -555

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