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Mathew Masinge

A 52-YEAR-OLD unlicensed Ngezi security guard yesterday took custody of his Ford Ranger XLT he won at this year’s OK Grand Challenge Jackpot Promotion.

Prosper Zambuko, who stays in Chitungwiza but works in Ngezi, won the car after buying groceries at OK Ngezi.

Zambuko and 46 other winners from across the country were yesterday handed over their vehicles at OK Mart.

The father of three revealed how he became the first member of his family to win anything in a major competition.

“This is a breakthrough for me, and my whole clan, I am the first person to win anything, especially such an expensive car.

“I still can’t believe my luck because I only bought a few groceries at OK Ngezi, away from my home in Chitungwiza.

“Now, I won’t stop shopping at the same shop because I know I will win again,” said Zambuko.

He encouraged his friends and relatives to continue shopping at OK Zimbabwe.

He dismissed suggestions that juju was being used to win the OK Grand Challenge prizes.

“I used to believe people who claimed you need juju to win anything at OK but, after winning the big prize myself, I have changed my stance.

“This is a transparent competition and anyone can win it just as I did.

“The only requirement is to shop at OK and experience the rewards,” he said.

Zambuko said he was thinking of starting driving lessons soon and will keep the car for now.

He plans to dispose of it after deliberations with his wife Lorraine Chimene.

He was accompanied by his children, father and brothers at the ceremony.

Zambuko was on his way home from work in Ngezi to Chitungwiza when the Grand Draw took place on June 5.

He heard the good news from his friends and family.

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