Unpaid sex: Lover disappears with phone

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Unpaid sex: Lover disappears with phone Tecla Tilda Matanga


Arron Nyamayaro, H-Metro Reporter

A 22-year-old woman disappeared with her lover’s new mobile phone arguing that he was not paying her for sexual favours he enjoyed during national lockdown period.

Tecla Tilda Matanga sensationally claimed that Tichaona Bote, 28, was not aware that she was into commercial sex when she gave him access to enjoy the ‘unprotected well’ in Eyecourt suburb.

Tichaona Bote

Bote told H-Metro that he had been treated well by Matanga that he had plans to take her as his wife not knowing that she was a sex worker.


He lodged a police report against Matanga under RRB4485233 at Waterfalls police station after the latter verbally assaulted him and blocked his contact number.


“I approached Matanga with the intention of settling with her in marriage and she admitted,” said Bote.


“In a week’s time she pleaded with me to give her my new 56itel mobile phone so that she would spend the night watching movies and I agreed not knowing that she had the intention to disappear with it.


“We engaged in protected sex for the first days and later into unprotected sex and in all the sessions she never demanded money for the services rendered since we were lovers.


“She disappeared with the mobile phone and when I called her she started accusing me of enjoying sex with her without payment.


“I threatened to take legal action and she verbally assaulted me achiti haasi muti wekuti pandafungira ndoti karamata ndichidya muchero.


“I love my mobile phone and do not want to lose it in that way that is why I decided to lodge a police report against her and I had introduced her to some of my relatives,” said Bote.


Bote said Matanga used to stay with a woman identified as Mai Kunguma she introduced to him as her step mother.


Contacted for comment Matanga said Bote should forget about having the mobile phone since she is a sex worker who does not give herself to men for free to enjoy sex.


“To be honest with you I am a sex worker and Bote was not aware of that and I could not disclose it since it was during lockdown and we were restricted to move,” said Matanga.


“Bote never gave me anything and he wanted to have me daily that is why I decided to trick him and disappeared with his mobile phone.


“I am now at the village in Chinhoyi and I will not return the mobile phone; he must forget and smile because he sexually abused me.


“The woman I introduced to him as my step mother was just a Good Samaritan who accommodated me since most lodges had been closed due to Covid-19 restrictions,” said Matanga.

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