Unpaid work for selling snakes

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Unpaid work for selling snakes Hebert Gorimbo (centre)


A DEMA man was yesterday ordered to commit 106 hours of community service for trying to sell snakes, writes Zvikomborero Parafini.

Hebert Gorimbo (38) pleaded guilty before Harare provincial magistrate Tafadzwa Miti, who sentenced him to three months in prison, which were wholly suspended on condition he performed the community service, starting on December 10.

He is being charged with violating the Parks and Wildlife Act after being found in possession of a cobra and a green mamba.

Allegations are that on January 5, detectives from the CID Flora and Fauna section received information that Gorimbo was in possession of snakes which he intended to sell.

One of the detectives contacted Gorimbo on his mobile number purporting to be a buyer.

They agreed to meet in Chitungwiza where they would finalise the deal.

The team of detectives gathered at Chitungwiza Town Centre as it awaited Gorimbo’s arrival 30 minutes later.

Gorimbo, who was in the company of Desire Matambanadzo, emerged from the car to meet the purported buyers.

The detectives agreed to buy the snakes for US$100 each.

They went to Gorimbo’s car for viewing.

Gorimbo opened the dashboard of his car and showed the detectives the black knotted cobra, which was stashed in white socks.

He opened the glove compartment and showed them the green mamba whereupon other detectives pounced and arrested him.

Gorimbo failed to produce a licence allowing him to possess the snakes.

Polite Chikiwa appeared for the State.

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