Upcomng artiste hails Soul Jah Love

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Upcomng artiste hails Soul Jah Love Blessing 'Humba' Nyagwaya


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Musician Blessing “Humba ” Nyagwaya says he appreciates the chance he was given by Soul Jah Love to feature on his recent track titled Hatisitose dedicated to his ex-wife Bounty Lisa.

Humba said Jah Love has remained humble and helpful to upcoming artistes despite his big name in the music industry.


“Soul Jah Love did not refuse to work with me on the track Hatisitose which I also helped in writing.


“His humility is an attractive quality that he possesses. He works with any musician, he doesn’t care how small an artiste is.


“My name is now growing because of this track since it’s becoming popular in the streets, and I am grateful for that,” said Humba.


The Vainona based artiste said the producer for DKT Records – Dallas – emulated his chorus on the song.


“I had composed my song and when I recorded the chorus, Dallas said these lyrics are powerful so it’s wise to engage a powerful lyrical artist.


“I then opted for Jah Love and it came out nice. Somehow we got an Instant connection,” he said.


Humba believes he was sent by God to inspire people through music, and he said music to him is a hobby.


“My assignment by God is to send positive messages to people since I am a lyrical master.


“I am not a full time musician, I do music for fun but I know I have a calling,” he added.


Humba said he has pending projects with Suluman Chimbetu and Alexio Kawara.

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