Urine ritual frees ‘thief’

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Urine ritual frees ‘thief’


7 March 2019

…Madzibaba Stephen claims victory

A popular Harare bouncer urinated on the head of a suspected cellphone thief in a ritual to free the suspect from a ‘curse’ yesterday.

Sensei Cletus claims that Madzibaba Stephen told him to urinate on the thief who had confessed to have stolen the former’s phone at his office along Central Avenue.

Cletus said the suspect was accompanied by his three relatives to his office and confessed to have stolen his mobile phone last week.

The suspect, who was identified as Vincent, made headlines early this week appealing for anyone who might have lost his phone at an accident scene to contact him.

He was in H-Metro’s Crime Watch column and Star FM’s Tilder Live pleading for mercy.

However, Cletus said the phone was stolen from his office not accident scene.

“I lost my cellphone, which was charging in my office last week and car washers saw this man leaving our office and we tried to chase him but we failed to apprehend him,” said Cletus.

“To be honest with you I consulted Madzibaba Stephen and today I was surprised to see Vincent accompanied by his three relatives while confessing to his evil act and apologising.

“After informing Madzibaba Stephen, I demanded US$300 from Vincent since he claimed to have sold the phone to someone at Ximex Mall.

“They paid me the money and Madzibaba freed him after ordering me to urinate on him and it worked. Handibirwe mudhara. Dai ndakamubata paakatiza ndamutyora ruoko chairwo rwacho rwunoba,” said Cletus.

Vincent and Sensel Cletus (right)

Madzibaba Stephen, who attended the scene along Central Avenue, remained in his vehicle as people jostled to seek help from him.

Among the people were self-confessed thigh vendors who wanted Madzibaba Stephen’s contacts.

“Madzibaba Stephen ndiye anonzi muroyi kwete zvekunyebera kuita zvechinamato izvo,” one of the thigh vendors was heard saying amid protests from some people who spoke good of the madzibaba.

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