US$10 000 reward for woman’s whereabouts

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US$10 000 reward for woman’s whereabouts


26 April 2018

THE Harare woman who disappeared with her four-year-old child who is on autism therapy is in contempt of court and could be further decreasing the child’s chances of responding to medication.

Irene Daka (26) recently disappeared with the little Albert Ndabambi (Jnr) in February while the child is supposed to be undergoing therapy for 40 hours every week so that he could become well.

The contempt of court case was reported at Borrowdale Police Station – case number RRB 3490897.

The father of the child Albert Ndabambi has since offered US$10 000 reward to anyone who might know the whereabouts of Daka and the minor child.
“Irene was last accounted for on 16 February 2018 picking the minor child from therapy and has not been seen nor heard from since. The Respondent’s last known address is 327/B Nyathi Street,

Dzivar3sekwa 3 Harare.

“I have had to make the US$10 000 offer because I want my child to be well.

“He (Jnr) should be undergoing therapy and the mother Irene just disappeared with the child.

“It is being unfeeling. Doctors advised me that if the child reaches six years of age then his speech would not be reparable,” said Ndabambi.

Irene is in contempt of court having custody of the child as the court ruled that she should only have access to the child during day light hours.

Civil court magistrate Yeukai Dzuda recently ruled that Irene had to have supervised access to the child.

“The respondent shall be entitled to supervised access to the child every alternative weekend of a calendar month.

“Such supervised access entails having the child Albert Junior Ndabambi for six daylight hours not later than 6pm,” ruled magistrate Dzuda.

Ndabambi had submitted to the court that Daka was abusing the child to an extent of having sex with other men while the minor child watched.

“I have videos of the minor child gyrating on his own, simulating sex.

“It is highly likely that the minor child has been exposed to sexual activities. Unfortunately the child is a silent victim as he cannot speak for himself due to his highlighted condition.

“There is also another video of the minor child undressing himself, playing with his manhood until it becomes erect and then signalling to any female present to play with his manhood too,” Ndabambi submitted.

“The Respondent has been erratic in her observance of our agreement as I have generally had difficulties accessing the minor child. By disappearing with the minor child the Respondent is clearly in violation of the Court order as I am not able to exercise my rights of access. Further assuming that she has left the country, the Respondent is also in breach of the self-explanatory court order.”

Autism is a mental condition, present from childhood, characterised by great difficulty in communicating and forming relationships with other people and in using language and abstract concepts. As a result of his autistic condition, the minor child is presently unable to verbally communicate.

• Anyone with information should contact Constable Jonga of Borrowdale Police Station on 0776 359 315 or 0773 047 036 or H-Metro on 0716 941 861

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