US$100 bidder mars Mark Ngwazi’s album launch

04 Jul, 2022 - 00:07 0 Views
US$100 bidder mars Mark Ngwazi’s album launch Chido Chakanyuka


Takawira Photovet Dapi

MARK Ngwazi’s daring fan, Chido Chakanyuka, riled revellers at the sungura musician’s album launch with an unopposed bid of US$100 to stop the gig.

The bid, which came towards the end of his recent launch, had no takers.

It, therefore, meant the end of the party much to the ire of fans, who were left baying for his blood.

Desperate fans pleaded with Ngwazi to ignore the bid but to no avail as Chido rejected their pleas.

The VIPs started walking out of the venue as the drama continued inside the backed Bar Rouge auditorium.

“When artists are doing a show, their target will be to make fans bless their art with bids.

 “I was expecting someone to bid, challenging me, but that was not possible, because any formal launch must not exceed two hours.

 “Genuine fans ought to pay money, any launch is for rich fans to showcase how much we are truly rich, any launch is financially draining.

“I am the one who had more money than all of them because I am a dealer, ndinokorokoza, not gold panning, what if I deal in bond paper?”

He said he will continue supporting the pint-sized singer.

“Personally, I have splashed money because I appreciate his music,” he said.

“Just know that I am a former banker and I am now in the tobacco business.

“I like Mark Ngwazi’s music.

 “Mark is lyrically gifted  and I enjoy his music,” he said.

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