US$150K toss for Kadoma sewer upgrade

Lovemore Chazingwa

THE City of Kadoma has allocated US$150 000 for the upgrade of its sewerage systems, with the installation of new, larger pipes to replace existing, smaller ones. 

The scheme is an ongoing project designed to prevent overflow in the city’s residential, business, commercial and industrial areas, which can pose a serious health threat. 

Although the work will take time, some improvements have already been made at the city’s pump station, and the project team is well-prepared to tackle any problems, including issues of deliberate sabotage. 

The upgrade is also important in terms of improving the aesthetics of the city.

City engineer, Ben Maposa, revealed that the project is not a stop-gap, but a sustained effort to deal with this long-standing problem.

“It will not end in the overcrowded SQ/GB area of Rimuka, but all problem spots in the city. We’re also seized with work on Visser Road in Waverly and Ingezi suburbs. Some work has been done on our pump station to ease all necessary operations,” said Maposa.

“You may need to understand that working in a built-up area poses challenges with some people deliberately tampering with ongoing work. Holistically, we got on the ground well prepared for that.”

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