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A HARARE man, who claims to be a sweets vendor, has offered to pay US$5 in maintenance.

Peter Jonasi was dragged to court by his ex-wife Alice Rushinda, who accused him of neglecting their two children. One of three and the other is eight.

Alice told the court that Peter was a money changer and also sells chocolates, earning an average of US$200 per month.

“He is neglecting his role as a father, schools are opening soon and one of our kids needs school fees and stationery.

“He ignores my calls whenever I try to engage him, saying his new wife hates it when I call informing him about the needs of our kids,” she said.

Peter pleaded with the court saying he was not employed and earns US$30 a month from selling sweets.

“I was living with the kids when she dumped me for another man and I have been taking care of them since then.

“She called my wife, insulting me, and kidnapped our kids from my mother’s house so she could demand maintenance,” he said.

Magistrate Ayanda Dhlamini ordered Peter to pay US$30 maintenance monthly.

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