US$750k house ‘donated’ in fraudulent scheme

Zvikomborero Parafini

A US$750 000 house in Harare’s Highlands suburb was ‘DONATED’ in a fraudulent scheme which has sucked in top investments company, Southchoice Investment (Pvt) Ltd.

The company, its director Elizabeth Anne Simpson, and Cephas Masuka, appeared before magistrate, Feresi Chakanyuka, yesterday.

Simpson and Masuka were released on US$100 bail each and were ordered to reside at their given addresses until the matter is finalised.

They were also ordered to report once a month at CID Commercial Crimes.

The complainant, Dong Ye, who is based in China, is being represented by, Su Youya, through a special power of attorney.

The court heard that in July 2020, Ye communicated with his friend Sun Jiabao, who is based in Zimbabwe, that he wanted to invest in the country.

Ye was linked to Sun Peng, another Chinese national, who was in Zimbabwe at the time.

He was advised that they were some investment programmes under Terran Resourse and Africa China Mining which were being led by Sun Peng.

He contacted Sun Peng and was advised that he could invest into mining.

Ye became interested in the deal and decided to purchase a residential property in Zimbabwe and was advised to pay US$750 000.

They approached Pam Golding Estate agents, where Simpson was employed as an agent, and she facilitated the purchase of a house at Number 6 Norman Road, Highlands, on August 15, 2020, and registered the property in Ye’s name.

Ye then learnt that Sun Peng had been arrested in Papua New Guinea, for fraudulent cases involving the money he collected in China, in the name of investment funds.

Ye instructed Sun Jiabao to check on the status of his stand and he was advised that the property was no longer in his name.

He  instituted investigations and found out that on November 11 2021, Simpson and Masuka prepared a fraudulent special power of Attorney, which was purportedly signed by him.

This gave Masuka the power of attorney to donate Ye’s property to Southchoice Investment, which was being represented by Simpson. The property was transferred to Southchoice Investment on December 15, 2021, as a donation.

The property was later sold to Chi Yingdang for US$750 000.

Anesu Chirenje appeared for the State.

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