UZ MBA students fight fees hike

04 Feb, 2020 - 13:02 0 Views
UZ MBA students fight fees hike


Yemurai Nyarugwe, H-Metro Reporter

The University of Zimbabwe (UZ) students have petitioned their institution’s Vice Chancellor over what they deem exorbitant, unreasonable and unjustified hiking of fees.

The UZ MBA students have raised their concern basing on the announcement that was made by the Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education, Innovation and Technology Development, Professor Amon Murwira on radio addressing the nation that all university tuition fees should be pegged at a maximum ZWL$5000.

In his announcement, Prof Murwira denounced unprecedented hiking of fees on Post graduates programmes.

“We, as MBA students, we were shocked when we received news that our tuition fee has been pegged at ZWL$18 081.

“This amount is not only overpriced but is unjustified and unreasonable,” stated the petition.

The UZ MBA students said that there was nothing special about the University.

“Other State Universities are charging fees way below the fees charged by the University of Zimbabwe.

“The University of Zimbabwe is an already established university and surely it cannot charge fees that are more than those charged by developing universities that still require infrastructure.

“The UZ MBA program is absolutely an on-campus program, hence no burden for making transport arrangements to cater for off-campus programmes.

“We the students were the ones who bear the burden of travelling different parts of the country to make it to weekend classes, hence why punish students who are already suffering.”

The UZ MBA students proposed that their tuition fee should range from ZWL$8000 and ZWL$10000 basing on the survey they made on other state universities.

The students have threatened to down pens if their grievances are not addressed.

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