Latwell Nyangu

A UNIVERSITY of Zimbabwe Biomedical Engineering student continues to dream big after he designed a streaming platform, Exoplanet Studios.

Wilbert Machoba, 21, last year dreamt of establishing a chemical manufacturing plant in Africa.

He founded his company, Chilbur Chemicals (Pvt) Ltd, in July last year.

He is currently studying biomedical engineering at the UZ.

“It’s a streaming platform where you can browse and stream movies and it allows you to download them.

“It has also a feature to browse some African news and celebrities. 

“So, I think it’s smart. It’s on Google, if you search Exoplanetstudios it will appear on top.

“It’s more like Netflix.”

Machoba said, it’s a real app and it will be launched soon.

“So, it’s African content only. A user can log in and get the user experience, test everything.

“(We are) creating a profile and more users can also follow each other.

“Exoplanet Studios is a media streaming company, that produces and distribute authentic African film, TV shows and content etc.

“My aim is to restore and elevate the pride and status of our continent.

“I have seen that African film makers are being overshadowed on YouTube where their content is only watched by local people but on Exoplanet platform it’s different because those who are abroad will watch it, whether they want or not, they’ll see it,” said Machoba.

The platform has got a lot of features, which differentiates it from other streaming platforms including Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos and Hulu.

“A lot of people are happy with it and they are only craving for more content.

“We want Africans to express themselves on the platform so that their voices will be heard more than on YouTube, where everything is mixed.

“So far, I have used US$960 for everything, development and payments.

“It will further be developed and I am also investing in R&D. There is also an application, which is not a web app, which is also coming.”

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