UZ student drops new singles

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UZ student drops new singles


19 November 2018

Cleopatra ‘Cleo’ Arigondia

A UNIVERSITY of Zimbabwe student has released three singles, which are a fusion of afro-pop and afro-soul.

The Media and Performing Arts student, Cleopatra ‘Cleo’ Arigondia, released Moyo Wangu, Ndide and Handisiye; she calls her music Feel Good Music.

In an interview with H Metro, Cleo said:

“I am currently doing an Honours Degree in Applied Media and Performing Arts at University of Zimbabwe and I started my music career this year.

“I call my music Feel Good Music, however, some people group it under the afro-pop and afro-soul genre.

“It is music that has a therapeutic effect to people, that’s why I decided to name it Feel Good Music.

“I have released a new music video on song Moyo Wangu and the message behind is love, it signals the idea that love can be found in unexpected places and love brings joy and peace of mind.”

She added:

“I have worked with Trevor Dongo who did backing vocals on Handisiye and I have just finished working on another project which featured Nutty-O.

“My music is slowly getting popular amongst the UZ students but I feel that a lot is left to be desired from the support I am getting from my fellow schoolmates.

“In the next coming years I see myself making great waves on the African music scene.

“It’s very difficult to balance music business and school at the same time but I have learnt to manage my time in such a way that my priorities are not deprived.”

Cleo was inspired by Tori Kelly, an American singer and guitarist.

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