UZ students demand more buses

06 Oct, 2020 - 09:10 0 Views
UZ students demand more buses University of Zimbabwe students queue for transport


Latwell Nyangu, H-Metro Reporter

University of Zimbabwe students have requested more reliable Zupco buses that will ease current transport problems.

Several students have gone back to school following the loosening of lockdown restrictions.

H-Metro conducted some interviews with the students whose queues were winding along Rezende Street.

“I have been here since 8am and this is 9:30 now, meaning there is a transport challenge.


“We are looking forward to having more buses so that we don’t face transport challenges.

“Being here for one hour or so is a sign that there is failure to provide enough buses and that will affect the smooth flow of progress following the reopening,” said a student who refused to be named.

While another one said, they have welcomed the opening of universities but urged the authorities to safeguard their welfare.


“We haven’t yet got into full swing, and this is my first day to go to the campus.

“I am yet to see how things will look like but for now, the transport challenge is inevitable, tamira pano for more than an hour which is not proper for concentration,” said one Tawanda.


Some students said, they are still confused on how everything will go.


“Honestly, I am confused at the moment, because there is a lack of communication, I have not yet seen the timetable, and I don’t know how the lectures will be conducted.

“I haven’t received proper communication, so I am trying to see how things will move.”


Another student said authorities need to put everything in order so that they do away with frustrations of Covid-19.


“Remember we are coming from a long frustrating period of lockdown; no academic activity was being done.


“Now that things are flexing we expect to see a way forward but most importantly, transport should be considered first while we expect other areas to gradually change.


“But we expect more communication on e-learning since some of us are not even aware of how it’s being done.


“E-learning needs to be addressed well because several students are not familiar with some of the systems used.


Universities started reopening from June 1 with only final year students going to campuses while the rest were learning remotely using virtual and distance education and most activity online.


By last Thursday, all universities had submitted reopening plans with the new roadmap coming from a consolidation of their suggestions.


Universities opened under World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines.

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