UZ students demonstrate

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UZ students demonstrate



21 November 2017

THE Student Representative Committee (SRC) at the University of Zimbabwe said they will ensure peace during their on-going demonstrations at the campus.

The protests are aimed at having the honorary doctorate which the institution conferred to the First Lady Dr Grace Mugabe nullified.

When H-Metro arrived at the campus yesterday, hundreds of students were singing, dancing and raising placards denouncing the issuing of the PHD to the First Lady Grace.

SRC member Poshia Chimwe said they will not retreat until their grievance is met.

“What we are doing is because of the love that we have for our university.

“If the credibility of this institution is at stake it means our credibility as students is also as stake.

“This is why we are calling upon the authorities to nullify the honorary doctorate they gave to Grace Mugabe.

“Basing on what we know about her, we feel she does not deserve receiving the honorary doctorate.

“I also want to make it clear that these demonstrations were not a once off event, we will keep on protesting until we get results but we will be doing it in peace,” she said.

Poshia added:

“As the students, we are prepared to face any the consequences for the decision we took.

“The institution has decided to postpone the date for the writing of our examinations, though it’s affecting us academically we will not be pressured against fighting for the nullification of Grace Mugabe’s PHD,” she said.

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