Vaccine shortages in Kwekwe

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Vaccine shortages in Kwekwe


Prisca Manyiwa-Masuku

Kwekwe city has vaccinated more than 9 000 people so far since the beginning of its city wide Covid-19 vaccination program in July.

According to the city’s health department report, about 9072 people received their first dose of the Sinopharm and Sinovac vaccine as of Tuesday whilst 1358 received their second dose.


“The citywide vaccination campaign started on the 08/07/21. A total of nine thousand and seventy-two (9072) residents got the first doses of Sinopharm and Sinovac vaccines.


“The second dose vaccination blitz which started on 26/07/2021 reached a total of one thousand and three hundred and fifty-eight (1358),” read the report.


When H-Metro visited one the vaccination centres Mbizo 11 clinic, they were less than 10 people waiting to take their second dose whilst those who wanted to take their first dose were turned away because there was no first dose.


“I have been turned away at Mbizo 11 clinic because there is no first dose, they advised that I should go to the general hospital or I should come back tomorrow to check if the vaccine is available.


“I will keep checking because I cannot go to the hospital; what if I do not find the vaccine again?” said one Ella Matavara.


Kwekwe city Mayor Angeline Kasipo said the uptake on the vaccination program is good but the city is running out of the vaccine whilst it is too far away from covering its entire population.


“According to our health department report, the vaccination uptake by our residents is good but we are running out of the vaccine.


“We have a population of about 120 000 people in Kwekwe so we are still very far from covering the gap.


“People now realise that vaccination is the only viable option we have at present; without it we will not achieve normalcy and people are tired of the lockdowns which interfere with their ability to earn a living, the ever present fear of getting sick and chances of dying so they will do anything which might help the nation return to normalcy, ” said Kasipo.


Kwekwe is one of the cities that were initially put on lockdown after the detection of the delta variant in the city in May this year.


Since May 10 this year, 1214 cases of Covid-19 having been confirmed in Kwekwe as of Tuesday.

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