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EDUCATION advocate Varaidzo Kativhu hosted tennis legend Roger Federer at the United Nations for a global partnership for education.

Federer, who is a philanthropist supporting education, discussed investing in education and how champions like him can help get this message across on the global stage.

Kativhu is recognised for her tireless advocacy for improving access to education for underprivileged groups.

She acknowledged that each milestone serves as validation for her work, enabling her to make a significant impact.

Kativhu recently hosted the 2023 Diana Awards with the Duke of Essex, Prince Harry.

“Yesterday, at the United Nations, we all gathered, behind one cause, championing access to education for children and girls,” she said.

“It was amazing to sit and host the conversation between a sports champion and education philanthropist Roger Federer and young people from around the world who are leading on SDG 4, quality education,” said Kativhu.

“The Roger Federer Foundation is doing a lot of fabulous work to help give access to primary education to many children around the world through innovative solutions powered by tech and other things in between.

“I am grateful to meet leaders in this space who are putting education at the forefront of problem solving and as a basic right to access.”

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