Vehicle catches fire in CBD

27 Nov, 2018 - 12:11 0 Views
Vehicle catches fire in CBD


27 November 2018

. . . motorists risk lives

MOTORISTS risked their lives last night as they hurried to move their vehicles away from a VW Golf vehicle that had caught fire along Jason Moyo Avenue in the capital.

One of the motorists whose vehicle was parked next to the burning one had to thank the public who also risked their lives and teamed up to move it to safety.

An onlooker who helped to move the car told H-Metro that he does not know the owner of the vehicle he helped move away.

“I don’t even know the owner of the vehicle we removed from the danger of catching fire as well.

“We just told ourselves as a team that guys let’s go and move it, it was so close that it could have caught fire as well.

“Some of the motorists even risked to enter their cars and drive away and we got concerned about the one that remained close.

We could have even helped to stop that fire but as you can see the intensity (of the fire) was too much,” said the man who identified himself as Marlon.

H-Metro witnessed the unfortunate incident happening as a man believed to be the owner of the vehicle was fixing it while the bonnet was open.

The man, whose name could not be obtained, was holding a small plastic bottle which had a pipe connected to the vehicle.

It is believed the vehicle then encountered a technical fault which was followed by flames.

The man could not immediately entertain the press after Fire Brigade put out the fire.

The incident attracted hundreds of people who then booed the firefighters who arrived at the scene after the vehicle was already burnt.

Traffic was briefly brought to a standstill as people blocked the road to catch a glimpse of the burning vehicle taking pictures and videos.

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