Vendor takes ex to court

03 Jan, 2020 - 10:01 0 Views
Vendor takes ex to court


Takudzwa Taruvinga, Court Reporter

A CITY woman has hauled her former husband to court seeking $300 upward variation.

Ruvimbo Kapata took Elias Matimba to civil court claiming an upward variation from $60 to $350 claiming that her earnings were not enough for the upkeep.

“Your Worship, Matimba does not provide food and clothes for our children.

“Matimba earns around $700.

“We have two children.

“He does not have any other woman.

“He does not pay rentals; he stays at his parents’ premise.

“I do menial jobs and I earn a little per month which is not enough for our upkeep,” said Kapata.

In response, Matimba offered $200.

“Your Worship, I am a potter at the market.

“I earn $30 to $40 per day which add up to $200 per month.

“My income is not enough,” said Matimba.

Presiding magistrate Nyasha Marufu order Matimba to pay $280 per month.

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