Vendors call for stall facelift

Tanaka Mahanya

MVURWI vendors are calling for the rehabilitation of their stalls ahead of the rainy season.

The dilapidated condition of the stalls is causing difficulties for their daily business operations, especially when it rains.

The stall owners have asked Mvurwi Town Council to fix the issue, stating that the problem has been a perennial challenge for them.

Despite paying to the Council, the stall owners claim that the situation has worsened.

With the number of vendors growing, they hope improvements will be made in the areas where they operate from.

“When it rains, we fail to conduct business. This has affected us in previous years, and we hope this year, it will be different.

“The stalls let water inside, whenever it rains, and this affects our goods,” said one stall owner.

“We want the Town Council to intervene and consider the conditions we are operating in.

“In the past months, we have seen the construction of substandard stalls.

“We want to operate from an area where we feel free to do business, and not to make losses,” said the vendor.

Mvurwi town has seen a rapid rise in the number of vendors, with some operating at road sides, obstructing the smooth flow of traffic.

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