Vendors happy with ZUPCO

23 May, 2019 - 12:05 0 Views
Vendors happy with ZUPCO Vendor displaying goods at Simon Muzenda Bus Terminus


Tanaka Nyambo, H-Metro Reporter

A survey done by H-Metro shows that commuter buses price hikes is now causing people to go to work late because they will be waiting for cheap ZUPCO buses.

Pressure on ZUPCO buses is now increasing because commuter buses are increasing prices every day.

In an interview commuters said it was better to be late for work than to use commuter buses, they are too expensive.

“We chose to wait for buses because they are affordable, we will not use commuter buses whilst cheap buses are there.”

“We wait for the ZUPCO buses even if we late for work, we cannot afford to pay $5 to go to town every day,” she said.

Shopkeepers said are willing to open shops late because they cannot afford to use commuter buses every day.

“I work in a shop so we will open the shop anytime I get there because if I use commuter buses I will starve my children at home,” he said.


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