Vendors on pavements to lose goods: Council

30 Dec, 2020 - 11:12 0 Views
Vendors on pavements to lose goods: Council Vendors displaying their wares on pavements


Arron Nyamayaro, H-Metro Reporter

VENDORS displaying their wares on pavements for sale have been warned by City of Harare that their goods will be confiscated and they face arrest.

In statement, City of Harare said they had not permitted any group or persons to trade their wares on the City’s pavements.

“Any group or individuals trading illegally risk being arrested and fined and having their wares confiscated.


“Council is concerned with the health and safety of residents in the wake of Covid-19 hence it will take appropriate action on those found trading on the City’s pavements,” reads the statement.

A number of vendors have taken part of some pavements to display their wares in Harare streets that pedestrians and shoppers are facing difficulties to walk along the pavements.


Among the displayed wares included brand new clothes, shoes, belts and hand bags.

One of the vendors told H-Metro that they are prepared to face the battle with City fathers arguing that they are receiving a chunk of their earnings by illegal means.


“We are aware that City of Harare has never allowed vending in undesignated points that is why we display empty boxes of our real staff in case they raid us,” said the vendor.

“Ukatarisa zvakanaka uchaona kuti mafuta ekuzora atinotengesa aya tumaboxes chete kana client yada kutenga tinoitengesera pakavanda.


“Vending along pavements will not be completely banned because some of the officials have their relatives on the ground.


“Some of them make raids to remove targeted vendors who do not share with the officers their earnings.


“Hapana chitsva apa angatotyisa ndimi murikutora mifananidzo yedu kuti nyika izive basa redu,” said the vendor.

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