Vendors to leave CBD

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Vendors to leave CBD Herbert Gomba


4 September 2018

VENDORS will be required to move to designated places outside the central business district soon, newly elected Harare mayor has said.

Mayor Hebert Gomba said this in an interview soon after being sworn in at Town House yesterday.

“City of Harare will not take any action without consulting the vendors on the possible way forward and work with them for the benefit of everyone.

“We are prepared to work with them and agree on the easing of the problem emanating from visibility of vendors in the CBD.

“We have a long term solution to this and we have finished constructing a vending market along Simon Mazorodze Road some of them will be accommodated there.

“We are going to proceed to construct vending holding bays on the out skirts of the city and introduce buses to ferry people into the city centre.

“As for now we are going to find a possible solution to make our city look tidy by engaging them,” said Mayor Gomba.

In her speech, provincial administrator Cathrine Kampila said the mayor had come at a time when the generality of the people felt or believed that they were not getting adequate service delivery that includes water, refuse collection and trafficable roads among others.

“You are expected to put in place strong and viable turnaround programs for your local authority to be self-sustainable in the long run,” said Kampila.

“Council business is like a relay, you have taken over programs and resolutions from the previous council; it is your duty to ensure the fulfilment of those programs and resolutions.

“While I urge you to be very futuristic in your thinking in resolution making, I also urge you to set achievable targets based on your financial capacity.

“People are tired of fake promises, promise things that you can achieve, promise projects that can be funded.

“As policy makers, it is imperative that you always maintain high levels of discipline and professionalism in your conduct,” said Kampila.

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