Vendors troop back

08 May, 2020 - 11:05 0 Views
Vendors troop back Vendors are back at their spots


Desmond Munemo, H-Metro Reporter

Vendors in several Harare’s suburbs have already begun trooping back at their destroyed market stations barely before the end of the operations to re-organise the city for an organised post Covid-19 pandemic strategy.

H-Metro survey in Mufakose, Kuwadzana, Kambuzuma and Warren Park D established that a number of vendors are already selling their goods and services in makeshift tables and car trunks at their previous destroyed cabins.

In an interview, Titus Ngwenya Warren Park D hardware vendor said council has made no aftermath provisions for their sector, which have been affected by the demolitions.

“We have to make a living that is why we are now up and about at out spots.

“It is not just us who are affected but also everyone, where would one but a padlock when we are not available?

“Council is just concentrating on destroying rather than making plans for us since we are also their revenue stream.

“They should have set up even well-structured temporary markets that we can do our business,” said Ngwenya.

Harare Corporate Communications Manager Michael Chideme told H-Metro a fortnight ago that council is making plans to decentralise the vendor market.

“We are looking into decentralising these markets and this means farmers will be going into the suburbs selling their produce to vendors.

Asked on where vendors would sell their produce, Chideme said:

“Council set up legal market places in almost every suburb so that vendors would sell their items at such designated places.

“They should make use of those places because there are available,” explained Chideme.

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