Victory was certain: Blackman

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Victory was certain: Blackman


6 September 2018

Kwekwe Central Member of parliament Masango Blackman Matambanadzo said he was certain that he would win in the just ended elections.

Speaking to H-Metro after being sworn-in yesterday, Matambanadzo said the relationship that he has always had with people in his constituency was enough proof that he was going to win.

“Elections do not happen on the voting day, candidates are chosen by the people way before the day of voting that is why I was confident that I was going to win the seat.

“Most politicians get it wrong by trying to form relationships with people a few days before elections but that does not work.

“My campaigning strategy has always been simple and it is on having a relationship with the people in my constituency,” he said.

Matambanadzo added that he was set to have celebrations for his recent win.

“I am so excited for coming out victorious but we haven’t done our celebrations yet.

“We are planning to have the celebrations where I am going to thank the electorate for choosing me to represent them in parliament,” he said.

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