Villagers slam Ximex killer . . . claim he has invited avenging spirits into the family

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Villagers slam Ximex killer . . . claim he has invited avenging spirits into the family Remigious Murengwa


Arron Nyamayaro in GURUVE 

Guruve villagers have roundly condemned Tafadzwa “Boss Pango” Murengwa, whom they accuse of bringing a curse to his family, after killing his lover, Samantha Dzapata.

Boss Pango’s body was not taken into his parents’ house, according to custom, after leaving Nyaradzo Funeral Service in Harare, amid fears an “avenging” spirit might keep haunting the family.

A family member, Remigious Murengwa, told H-Metro that an avenging spirit would certainly torment their families.

“Tafadzwa has brought us a curse by killing his girlfriend,” said Remigious.

“He was supposed to think about the family as a grown-up rather than opening doors for avenging spirits.

“His body was not taken into the house because it’s taboo considering that he committed suicide. 

“We are not happy at all.

Akaiwanepi pfuti uye anoziva here kuti ineropa? Iyezvino atiparira ngozi mumusha.

“It is our prayer and hope that we find peace with the aggrieved family of his lover.

Hatidi vanhu vanotamba nengwena,” he said.

Villagers were given a chance to view the body of the killer before it was buried, a few metres from his parents’ homestead.

Villagers left the homestead soon after the burial, shaking their heads in disbelief over the heinous murder he committed.

Tafadzwa was the second born child in a family of four boys and one girl.

He attended Umvukwesi Primary School in Mvurwi, where he grew up, and did his secondary education at Mazowe Boys High.

Tafadzwa shot dead Samantha along Mashambanzou Road in Waterfalls on Friday morning.

Samantha was laid to rest in Seke on Tuesday.

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