Vimbai nudity divides opinions

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Vimbai nudity divides opinions Vimbai Zimuto


Latwell Nyangu and Talent Gore, H-Metro Reporters

…It doesn’t belong to us: Mai Chisamba

…Vimbai desperate for fame: Bev

A number of female artistes have condemned songbird Vimbai Zimuto who has torched a storm by posting her nude pictures on social media.

The Netherlands-based diva, who bragged that posting nude pictures was a sign of courage and promoting Africa culture, has been trending on social networks in recent weeks.

However, the majority of female artistes said Vimbai was taking it too far while others urged her to concentrate on her musicla career rather than nudity.

Vimbai riled social media when she posted a picture of herself in her birthday suit passing condolences to the families of passengers who perished in the Ethopian Airlines crash.

and since then, she has been roundly condemned for taking her antics to extremes with locals giving her the stick for her stunts.

Among the concerned female celebrities is television personality Rebeccas Chisamba, popularly known as Mai Chisamba, who shared her sentiments with H-Metro.

The award-winning talk show host said nudity does not belong to ‘us’ as Africans.

Mai Chisamba

“This is not us, sikarudzi yemunhu haionekwe and ukaona munhu akubvisa hembe akutoda kuongororwa musoro, pfungwa dzinenge dzakutorasa.

“In our culture when you see someone undressing and going naked, akutoda kuongororwa musoro, it’s not art.

“In our culture we should respect our bodies as the world should respect you, sikarudzi inoera, it’s sacred.”

Added Mai Chisamba:

“In culture we accept to be advised and this is not us, let’s not adopt zvisiri zvedu because we are now adopting even diseases which are not ours.

“Because zvekuti munhu anofa nestress hazvisi zvedu, we are a happy people and even if you can see these people who sing zvisingazvinzwisisike havana malyrics, lets copy notes from Tuku, mune chamaipomera panaTuku here.

“Musicians like Dolly Parton, Don Williams have lyrics.

“But what we are seeing is not art, that’s not us,” she said.
What displeased the world is that Zimuto posted a picture of herself in nude, passing condolences message to the passengers who perished in an Ethiopian Airlines Crash.

The Zimbabwe Musicians Union (ZIMU) on Tuesday issued a statement concerning Vimbai Zimuto’s nude picture.

“ZIMU is saddened by the expression of a condolence message in respect of those who lost their lives in the Ethiopian Airways on Sunday March 10,2019 by Vimbai Zimuto while posing nude on social media,” read the statement.

Vimbai Zimuto

ZIMU said they viewed this expression as an insult to those who lost their lives and their families.

“We dissociate ourselves from the conduct the conduct by Vimbai a musician who is not a member of ZIMU.

“We believe her behavior towards the loss of lives in the Ethiopian Airways crash is an insult to those who lost their live, their families, women and musicians of Zimbabwe,” ZIMU said.

Some female artists also had something to say concerning the nude picture.

Majimana: “Basically nudity is a disgrace to womanhood .Imagine the whole world looking at her as a role model of Zimbabwean women. Our culture and values encourage us women to dress modest zvinhu zvinofanira kukosheswa. It’s a no to me as much as I respect Vimbai and love her I don’t support her on this .She has to change.

Lipsy: Our culture does not condone such but who am I to judge, she is old enough to know what is rights what works for her as long as we don’t get painted with the same brushed.

Bev: Kuye ndokunonzi kushama kwete kuti Bev, Kikky and Vimbai vanoshama. Tibvisei pakushama Vimbai ndiye anoshama uyo, kuita huku yakabviswa mapapiro. She wants fame so she is looking for a way to get into the entertainment industry. We don’t walk around naked rather we were sexy clothes only.

Rumbidzai Matinanga: As a woman and a person that manages art I interpreted that the nakedness meant we came into the world naked and naked we shall return, dust to dust, art provokes conversation.

She did just that and now we are all talking about it, if it was a man would we have been talking about it.


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