Vimbai Zimuto hails Tamy

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Vimbai Zimuto hails Tamy Tamy Moyo and Vimbai Zimuto


Bbi Masia, Entertainment Reporter

VIMBAI Zimuto has congratulated songbird Tamy Moyo after she was voted Outstanding Female Musician at the National Arts Merit Awards ceremony held over the weekend at HICC.

The Netherlands based diva took to social media where she posted a picture of hers with Tamy captioned:

“Yeah the feeling, everything is well explained on the picture, congratulations Tamy. This one is well deserved because you worked very hard my dear. I cannot imagine how you must be feeling. God is good.

“I cried, this is made me believe again that God is always watching you. Congratulations little sister.”

In an interview with H-Metro, Vimbai said Tamy who shrugged stiff competition from Ammara Brown worked hard.

“All the female artists in Zimbabwe have not really got enough recognition to be put on the biggest stages of all and they have resorted  to actually going regional to be able to be recognized.

“When I look at Tamy, she is one of those people who have pushed boundaries and has done big things mostly out of the country and that  made it easier for us to recognize her.

“She has been working hard locally, internationally and on the regional platform.

“When I look at all the work she has done in 2019 I just felt like she should have just taken the Star FM, ZIMA and obviously the NAMA for the best female artist award.

“She has done wonderfully, amazing bottom stage on recording and every platform that you can a female artiste.”

She added:

“Another thing is that I do not want to take credit  from every other female artist  that are also working very hard in the music industry such as Ammara Brown, Sandra Ndebele, Janet Manyowa, who is  doing the amazing and amazing, Rute Mbangwa, Edith Weutonga,Prudence Katomene to mention a few.

“They are working really hard and have their own strengths and weaknesses in the music industry but I feel like for the people that have been nominated, Tamy deserves the award.”

Asked what Tamy should do so that she cannot lose focus, Vimbai said:

“I think Tamy should stay in her lane and also to be open in  learning new things. Since she has managed to do the best in 2019, I am also hoping for the best this year.

“New month, new things and progress on overdrive, No rewind of fast forward, just play. New music.”


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