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26 January 2017

Vinnie King

Vinnie King

HIP-HOP artiste Vinnie Kings has opened up on his song inspired by top female journalist, Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa, suggesting he has a crush on the Iron Lady.

Speaking about how he got to write a song about the former ZiFM presenter, Vinnie King said he had a crush at first sight after meeting Ruvheneko.



“I had gone to ZiFM last year for another programme and as I was walking in their corridors with Jeff, I met Ruvheneko and Jeff introduced us.

“I kind of froze as we were being introduced and Ruvheneko even asked Jeff, ‘What’s up with your friend?”

Vinnie King says Jeff then said he is star struck and joked that maybe he will do a song about his chance meeting with Ruvheneko.

“I took Jeff up on his joke and said I will do a song. They must have thought I was joking but on the bus on my way back, my producer sent me a beat and I started working on the song.

“Ruvheneko is really one of my local heroines and to meet her face to face . . .”

The Bulawayo based artiste says he actually did two songs on Ruvheneko but has never met her since.

“I sent her a hip hop track and an Afro Pop one and she chose the Afro Pop track and that is the song I released. I have spoken to her online but never met her since that day but I’m hoping and looking forward to meeting her again in flesh because I got another little surprise for her but it can only work face to face,” said the 27-year-old.

Asked whether all this is not instigated by a crush on the beautiful talk show hostess, Vinnie king admitted that it was.

“To be honest, if I could have it my way . . . I would have Ruvheneko,” he said.

However, he is ready for disappointment and says there are more Iron Ladies in Zim and he will get one of them,

“I want to attract a Ruvhi kind of woman and my song is about the type of woman that Ruvheneko is more than her as an individual.

“Ruvheneko is a firm, beautiful, virtuous kind of woman and we should uplift more ladies like that in our country.

“She is the type of woman that not only makes her man proud but even her parents. Every parent would want to raise a lady like Ruvheneko,” he said.

Vinnie Kings said the type of woman that Ruvheneko is – as his song suggests – can now be called a ‘Ruvhi’ type of woman and he can’t wait to meet his own.

“I will meet mine but before that I want to meet Ruvheneko and see if I can ask her to feature on the video to the song,” said Vinnie.

Vinnie’s Facebook Page, ‘Vinnie Kings’, has Ruvheneko as the profile picture.

Could the hip hop star be a little obsessed?

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