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Edwin Nhukarume and Mary Mutamiri

EXPERTS in the local showbiz industry have denounced the culture of violence that is now characterising shows in the country.

Violence reared its ugly head again during the Chillspot 10th anniversary gig at Harare Gardens on Saturday.

This has prompted the experts in the entertainment sector to criticise such acts of hooliganism and event mismanagement.

In a press statement, Partson Chimbodza, of Chipaz Promotions, expressed his concern over the violent conduct.

Partson Chimbodza

“As Chipaz Promotions, we denounce the violence being witnessed at Zim dancehall shows.

“We would like to appeal to all stakeholders to come together and fight this behaviour that is killing our industry and making some people lose confidence in our industry.

“We would like to take this opportunity to apologise to our loyal fans, the corporate world and artists who are being inconvenienced by rowdy elements.

“Even most local and international artists are losing confidence in these Zim dancehall shows because of the violence that has become the norm.”

He added:

“Can we all come together and fight this behaviour that is killing our industry?

“We all know we are still under lockdown and let’s appreciate the fact that we are allowed events to a certain time and as law abiding citizens lets stick to Covid-19 regulations.

 “At this rate, it will be difficult to keep doing Zim dancehall events unless these hooligans are put to task.

“Together we can make violence a thing of the past.”

Speaking to H-Metro, the chairman of Promoters Association Zimbabwe , Josh Hozheri, has castigated violence and blamed drugs.

“Violence breeds the opposite of what promoters are seeking to achieve.

“We need to create a chain demand for the Zim dancehall brand and be able to recruit as many fans as we can but the recent disturbances are regrettable, unbelievable, shameful, and we are losing our moral values as Zimbabweans.

“We need to send a clear message, and in no uncertain terms, that this hooliganism is not only wrong but results in damage to equipment, venues, and other valuable property and assets.

“Perpetrators should be brought to book and get arrested, made to pay for what they damaged so we send the right message.

“The other challenge, or root cause, is drug abuse among the youths and it’s going to be a lost generation.

“Those selling drugs in and outside our venues must be arrested.”

Barbara ‘Mama Red Rose’ Chikosi

Barbara “Mama Red Rose”’ Chikosi, who has been in the music promotion business for years, also concurred with Hozheri that drugs were the major problem fuelling violence during Zim dancehall shows.

“Youths are abusing drugs a lot these days. I believe that is the major problem.

“They would be busy selling drugs to each other during the show, and what would you expect would happen at such kind of shows?” asked Mama Rose.

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