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26 August 2016
VIOLENCE has been giving people a satisfaction that is both sad and unfortunate.

This unnecessary means of showing displeasure or trying to register a complaint has seen many people imprisoned and a lot of property destroyed.

The very Zimbabwe that people claim they are trying to better is left worse off whenever violence erupts.

Violence might look like an easy option but more often than not, it has disastrous consequences. The way Zimbabweans are resorting to violence at the slightest misunderstanding is worrying.

It appears violence is now deemed the solution when a soccer team loses, when a marriage mate comes home late, when there are too many roadblocks for one’s liking, when the government implements laws that don’t go well with one . . .

The events of Wednesday 24 August – the latest in a spate of violent protests by people in Harare – must be condemned to the last degree. Such lawlessness, such love for chaos, such rowdy behavior is so unlike Zimbabweans.

Since independence we have pursued peace. We have found ways and means past problems but violence has never been a good option for us.

Violence should never be an option. It is a savage way of trying to solve problems or resolve differences and no normal society encourages violence.

It is strange people choose to respond to social media messages encouraging them to act like animals; to destroy properties and other people’s vehicles that they worked hard to purchase in the name of trying to resolve an impasse.

How does burning an innocent person’s car solve any problem?

The country has a law that clearly shows us how to solve problems.

There are clear channels laid out on how people can demonstrate peacefully if they wish to do so.

Why are we ignoring these channels? Why are we so eager to destroy and damage and harm?

Have we exhausted all other channels of peaceful communication?

It is sad and unfortunate that we are choosing to regress during a time that yearns for progress. We are not this people. We are not a violent nation.

Police and ZBC vehicles were burnt in the said violent protests and Choppies supermarkets were robbed and people thought they were punishing the state broadcaster and the police when it is highly probable that those vehicles are insured and it is the insurance company that they did not mean to harm that will bear the costs of the violence.

Maybe state funds will be used to replace the police vehicle that was damaged, maybe tax payers’ money.

In the end, the harm always hurts Zimbabwe and it is high time people realized that there is no benefit from destroying property or engaging in violence.

Zimbabwe can only improve if we maintain peace.

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