Violet Avoid family speaks

H-Metro Reporter

Family to filmmaker Violet Avoid have dispelled rumours circulating that she committed suicide but confirmed that she is recovering well at a hospital in Philippines.

It was alleged that the filmmaker had committed suicide while Philippines where she was shooting some documentaries.

On the day in question reports were that she committed suicide after consuming rate poison, claims which the relatives dismissed as untrue.

Social media was wash with claims that she committed suicide due to depression and condolence messages were spread throughout.

Mixed feelings are coming out that she might have been playing with people’s emotions in the name of content creation.

Her husband has since posted some videos denying the claims that she committed suicide.

Her brother, Edmore Gonamombe said:

“When she was declared dead, they said no Mwari dai ararama, then ararama vanhu votsamwa hanzi araramirei.

“There was barrier in communication, from the scene as the husband had said, my sister is still alive and in hospital.

“People should stop disrespecting our sister, she is battling for her life in hospital, people are now using her name to campaign and kutsvaka ma likes.

“Like any friends would do Maskiri released a song dedicated to because he was concerned.

Violet is an international actor who scooped the Best Mologue Presentation award and Best Script Writing award at Communication University of China and Beijing Film Academy, respectively.

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