Visit plight of councils: Zivhu

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Visit plight of councils: Zivhu


6 September 2018

NEWLY elected Chivi South MP Killer Zivhu has implored the ninth parliament to look into the plight faced by rural and urban councils.

Zivhu, who is the Association of Urban and Rural District Councils President, said both rural and urban councils were failing to perform well because there were some amendments needed for the viability of the institutions.

“The rural and the urban councils Act must be revisited.

“There are so many challenges that these councils are facing that need to be addressed and at the same time the lives of people in the rural areas need to be improved especially on infrastructure,” Zivu said.

He said people were finding it difficult to survive because they were failing to get water from rural areas which is under Zimbabwe National Water Authority administration.

“We have a lot of dams in the rural areas but we can’t use them but we need to seek authority from ZINWA.

“ZINWA will demand so many things from the same and yet the same dams were made for the same communities to benefit,” said Zivhu.

He said he would advocate for the betterment of Small to Medium Enterprises.

“There are issues concerning the SMEs knowing that I have been a cross border for a very long time.

“The government of Zimbabwe recognizes the existence of the informal sector but they are still regarded as illegal people who do illegal activities.

“There is no law or act that protects them that’s the reason why the council at any time can come and take their stock and at the same time they also collect their revenue from them.

“Whenever they feel like they are so many on the street they will take their wares, we want to work on that.

“There should be laws protecting the informal sector,” said Zivhu.

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