Visual art is therapeutic – Svisva

Paul Pindani in Chinhoyi

TALENTED visual artist, Joseph Svisva, says creating art is a form of self-expression, which is therapeutic.

Svisva, who is employed as an art teacher at a private school, says he can’t resist the calling.

He sees art, not only as a form of self-expression and therapy, but also as a possible solution to reducing unemployment. 

He believes that if more people are given the chance to learn and practice art and craft, they can create job opportunities for themselves. 

Svisva has seen first-hand how art has transformed the lives of his students, some of whom have gone on to sell their art collections and make a living from their passion. 

“Learning a skill like art and craft can be a way to avoid the temptation of drugs and alcohol abuse and other unhealthy habits.

“If many people can be allowed to learn art and craft, we can reduce the unemployment rate in the country,” he said.

He said it’s never too late to learn art if resources are available. I have had the privilege to work with people of all ages, backgrounds and genders. I have seen first-hand how the power of art can transform lives.”

Svisva is an objective and critical appreciator of art and is inspired by renowned artist Bryan Mteki.  He has received recognition for his teaching, including the Teacher of the Year prize in 2021 and Overall Teacher of the Year award last year.  Svisva’s art pieces have been purchased by celebrities and government officials.

He has made beautiful art pieces for Baba Mechanic Manyeruke, Amai Rebecca Chisamba, Daniel Chingoma and Tocky Vibes, among others.

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