Volts JT finally releases debut album

05 Oct, 2022 - 00:10 0 Views
Volts JT finally releases debut album Volts JT


Maria Chiguvari

ZIM hip hop artist, Nkosilathi “Volts JT” Sibiya, has described his debut album titled “Life of Muvhimi,” as a success.

In an interview with H-Metro, the rapper revealed that the album release was delayed due to the communication challenges between him and the rapper, Takura.

The rapper said Takura was supposed to feature on one of his songs but did not submit his verse.

The album was set to be released on social media on September 30 but was only released on Sunday.

“My album release was delayed because of that, my progress was slowed down, but it is what it is, we move on.

“We decided to launch without him, there is no communication from him up to now,” he said.

The rapper said he does not compete with anyone but himself.

“My biggest competition is with myself, my next album has to be better than Life of Muvhimi, for me to feel actually fulfilled.

“My fans are loving the album so far, I just hope it continues to mature with time.

Freeman, Saintfloew, Jah Master, Tamy Moyo, Suhn, R peels, King Her, DJ Andile, Mc Tatts, Mc Taliban, Mc Texx, DJ Mambo, Made Her Believe were the artists who graced the launch ceremony at Alex Sports Club.

“They brought out their very best during their performance.

“I can’t even thank them enough.

“Our country and our music industry is usually dominated by lack of unity; however, my album launch was different.

“I am done for the year, maybe, I will release a single in December,” said Volts JT.

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