Vultures killed for betting purposes

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Vultures killed for betting purposes


13 September 2018

VULTURES are allegedly being killed for alleged use in lotto betting and medicinal purposes.

This came to light during a site inspection at The Victoria Falls Safari Lodge organised for the international buyers who came for the post-tour of Sanganai Hlanganani.

It is said that vultures’ heads are used by many as lucky charms whereby poachers put a vulture head under a pillow which then enables one to dream things that come to reality. Hence most people who are into lotto betting kill vultures in order to win the lotto. It has, however, resulted in the decrease of vultures.

Moses Garira, a Wild Life Supervisor at the Victoria Falls Safari Lodge, said vultures die every time because of poachers who kill them for medicinal purposes. He said this during a vulture culture session that takes place every afternoon at the lodge.

“In the African culture they believe vultures have some special parts that can cure unknown diseases, so vultures are killed because of such reasons. They eliminate them by poisoning carcasses since vultures are predators which feed on carcasses,” said Garira.

Vultures are said to be huge enemies of poachers because when they notice them they send signals to the game rangers which results in poachers being killed.

“Vultures are sensitive animals as well despite the fact that they are predators so here at Victoria Falls Safari Lodge we have what we call the vulture restaurant. It is a place were vultures come together to feed on the pieces of meat that we give them and the session is called vulture feeding.”

“Feeding vultures is a way of preventing them from poachers’ attacks though we do not feed them to be full,” stated Garira.

Vultures eat 2kgs of meat in seconds and they have a life span of 45-50 years.

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